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New English Words, Synonyms & Antonyms for Preparation 10 October 2017

12:03 am

1. NETTLE (VERB): provoke Synonyms: annoy, chafe Antonyms: appease, calm Example: The politician nettled the multitude yesterday. 2. PEDANTIC (ADJECTIVE): bookish Synonyms: learned, academic Antonyms: informal, imprecise Example: He looks pedantic by face. 3. MELEE (NOUN): brawl Synonyms: brouhaha, fracas Antonyms: harmony, peace Example: Don’t make such a melee out of a trivial issue. 4. PELLUCID (ADJECTIVE): clear Synonyms: bright,…

New English Words, Synonyms & Antonyms for Preparation 09 October 2017

12:01 am

1. CATHARTIC (VERB): purging Synonyms: cleaning, purgative Antonyms: dirtying, soiling Example : The strength of the movie had a cathartic effect on her. 2.CIRCUITOUS(ADJECTIVE): going around, indirect Synonyms: devious, circular Antonyms: direct, straightforward Example : He took a circuitous route to avoid traffic. 3.VENALITY(NOUN): corruptness Synonyms: dishonesty, sordidness Antonyms: morality, probity Example : The venality of a judge led innocent…

New English Words, Synonyms & Antonyms for Preparation 07 October 2017

1:44 pm

1. INORDINATE (ADJECTIVE): excessive Synonyms: dizzying, exorbitant Antonyms: moderate, reasonable Example: Some dogs are very hyper and require an inordinate amount of attention from their owners. 2. INDIGENOUS (ADJECTIVE): native Synonyms: domestic, homegrown Antonyms: alien, foreign Example: Nothing beats fresh produce from the ground in its indigenous state. 3. INTERMITTENT (ADJECTIVE): irregular Synonyms: fitful, infrequent Antonyms: regular, frequent Example: The…

New English Words, Synonyms & Antonyms for Preparation 06 October 2017

3:22 pm

1. CEDE (VERB): acknowledge Synonyms: accept, admit Antonyms: deny, refuse Example : The police will have to concede to the kidnapper’s demands to free the hostages. 2. DOWNRIGHT (ADJECTIVE): whole Synonyms: utter, absolute Antonyms: partial, incomplete Example : He was paid for the downright service. 3. FRILL (NOUN): convenience Synonyms: service, facility Antonyms: discomfort, inconvenience Example : He presses the…

New English Words, Synonyms & Antonyms for Preparation 05 October 2017

2:22 pm

1. GRUNGY (ADJECTIVE): shabby Synonyms: filthy, messy Antonyms: clean, spotless Example: Don’t touch this paper with grubby hands. 2. AFFLICTIVE (ADJECTIVE): dolesome Synonyms: dolorific, mournful Antonyms: cheery, hopeful Example: Why are you living such a dolorous life? 3. NEXUS (NOUN): link Synonyms: bond, connection Antonyms: interruption, exteriority Example: There is always a nexus between politicians and police. 4. DERIDE (VERB):…

New English Words, Synonyms & Antonyms for Preparation 04 October 2017

1:42 pm

1. QUAFF (VERB): drink down Synonyms: gulp, sip Antonyms: eject, out Example: Raju always has to quaff a pot of coffee before leaving for work. 2. PRY (VERB): interfere in someone else’s business Synonyms: poke, bug Antonyms: ignore, neglect Example: Her reputation was that she liked to pry into people’s private lives. 3. PODGY (ADJECTIVE): slightly fat Synonyms: chunky, flabby…

New English Words, Synonyms & Antonyms for Preparation 28 Sept 2017

10:14 pm

1. INVIGORATING (ADJECTIVE): stimulating Synonyms: bracing, exhilarating Antonyms: boring, dull Example : There is nothing like an invigorating shower after a long day at work. 2. EVADE (VERB): avoid Synonyms: bypass, circumvent Antonyms: confront, encounter Example : You can’t evade your duties. 3. CONGLOMERATE (ADJECTIVE): composite Synonyms: amassed, assorted Antonyms: similar, unvaried Example : The conglomerate views its collection of…

New English Words, Synonyms & Antonyms for Preparation 27 Sept 2017

1:34 pm

1. DECIMATE (VERB): destroy Synonyms: annihilate, exterminate Antonyms: build, create Example: She was trying to decimate my evening plans. 2. INVINCIBLE (ADJECTIVE): indestructible Synonyms: bulletproof, impassable Antonyms: destructible, beatable Example: Her ideology is invincible. 3. INNOCUOUS (ADJECTIVE): banal Synonyms: bland, inoffensive Antonyms: harmful, injurious Example: I found those practices more innocuous. 4. REASSURE (VERB): assure Synonyms: comfort, console Antonyms: annoy,…

New English Words, Synonyms & Antonyms for Preparation 26 Sept 2017

2:09 pm

1. FREAK (NOUN): aberration Synonyms: anomaly, oddity Antonyms: conformity, normality Example: The teacher says the accident was a total freak. 2. DISCOURSE (NOUN): communication Synonyms: dialogue, conversation Antonyms: quiet, silence Example: This is the language of political discourse. 3. GALLANT (ADJECTIVE): courageous Synonyms: brave, fearless Antonyms: afraid, fearful Example: She is a gallant lady. 4. GRACIOUS (ADJECTIVE): kind Synonyms: congenial,…

New English Words, Synonyms & Antonyms for Preparation 25 Sept 2017

6:52 pm

1. SPLINTER (NOUN): flake Synonyms: fragment, bit Antonyms: entirety, lot Example: That splinter of intelligence is substance. 2. PORTENT (NOUN): omen Synonyms: premonition, augury Antonyms: doom, cataclysm Example: She was not happy when the psychic told her the black cat represented a portent of bad luck. 3. SLOVENLY (ADJECTIVE): bedraggled Synonyms: botched, dingy Antonyms: clean, organized Example: Once the slovenly…

New English Words, Synonyms & Antonyms for Preparation 23 Sept 2017

3:43 pm

1. TAME (ADJECTIVE): domesticated Synonyms: docile, gentle Antonyms: harsh, rough Example : The fish are so tame you have to push them away. 2. CRAM (VERB): overcrowd Synonyms: stuff, pack Antonyms: release, let out Example : The ashtray by the bed was crammed with cigarette butts. 3. REBUT (VERB): deny Synonyms: quash, disapprove Antonyms: allow, approve Example : He had…

English Words Synonyms & Antonyms Of English Vocabulary 22 Sept 2017

1:03 pm

1. PENANCE (NOUN): repentance Synonyms: retribution, penitence Antonyms: happiness, joy Example Sentence: The man gave away all of his money to charity as penance for his greed. 2. INFILTRATE (VERB): penetrate Synonyms: permeate, percolate Antonyms: evaporate, dry Example Sentence: Cold air would infiltrate the foyer due to a draft caused by a space under the front door. 3. STRENOUS (ADJECTIVE):…